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ABSA - Affiliated British Sleddog Activites
Updated: 23-05-14




After more than 20 years, ABSA has well and truly achieved its original goal of setting the scene for top quality independent sleddog competitions within the UK, and will now dissolve in the Summer of 2014.

Today there are many independent societies across the country, offering all sorts of events to mushers old and new, and the more serious musher is able to compete in other countries with their own teams too because of the introduction of the Pet Passport Scheme in place of harsh quarantine restrictions Europe, and beyond, is now at our fingertips to further our knowledge and provide better distances, and on SNOW! 

Please come and enjoy the events of our final Season - the 22nd to be exact.  Its the 30th Anniversary of The New Forest and there are celebratory offers for that event.

Our Brochure of Schedules is now available to download from this website, just click on the ABSA Downloads icon at top right of this page.  These are the events scheduled:

NOVEMBER 10                               Thruxton
NOVEMBER 17                                New Forest
NOVEMBER 30/DECEMBER 1    Sherwood Forest
DECEMBER 15                                Ringwood Forest
JANUARY 4 & 5                               Wareham Forest
JANUARY 11 & 12                           Forest of Dean
FEBRUARY 8                                    Ashley Heath
MARCH 2                                           Ringwood Forest

MAY 16,17& 18                                 Fun Weekend, Thruxton
Schedules and entry forms
now available to download
(Click icon at top right of screen

Thank you for all your support over the years and we wish you and your dogs all the best for the future.

Stop Press:

For its last Season, ABSA has affiliated to the British Sleddog Sports Federation (BSSF).  The BSSF is the UK's representative of the International Federation of Sleddog Sports (IFSS), the world governing body of sleddog sports which provides information and education as well as events such as European and World Championships.

The IFSS promotes the wide range of individual 'dogs in harness' sports competition.  As well as the traditional rig and sled competitions for teams of dogs, bike/ski-jor, scooter and canicross are now fully incorporated as they have become excellent ways for an owner to exercise himself as well as the one or two dogs he may own.  These relatively newer competitions can therefore encompass a variety of suitable dogs as well as the known sleddog breeds.

Some of ABSA's events are scheduling classes for the non-sleddog purebreds IN ADDITION to their usual classes.  Strict entry criteria will have to be met for the types of dogs acceptable to run in order to conform to ABSA policy.  "Fit for Function" will be the prerequisite.  Full information is available in the Brochure of Schedules.  Please note: these additional classes will not be included in the ABSA Championship 2013/2014.



ABSA was founded in 1992 by a few established event organisers living in the South of England. Over the preceding years, they had become increasingly aware of the need for a specialist body to offer guidance in all aspects of the rapidly growing Sport of sleddog competition in Great Britain.

ABSA's aim, therefore, is to not only encourage and support events encompassing all the various sleddog activities and co-ordinating them into a workable calendar, but to also show the way to achieving quality organisational skills and progressing the Sport alongside other countries.

ABSA Membership is restricted to Event Organisers who are willing to give of their time to assist others and who continually strive to improve standards and promote the Sport in a co-operative manner.

ABSA is now entering its 22nd season, continuing to attract good support from mushers by averaging nearly 60 entries per event, with several events each winter which span the south and middle of the UK. The 30 year old ABSA Affiliated Sled Dog Events' New Forest weekend event near Southampton attracts a large entry each season and is one of the oldest events in the UK.

Mushers are invited on a yearly basis to compete at the various events which include socials. The ABSA structure allows the scheduling of several standard classes and variations of them, the event organisers free to choose classes that suit their preferences and their venues. The majority of races have computer-assisted timing and provide result printouts for the mushers.

Entry to ABSA Events is restricted to dogs on ABSA-approved registers. The present approved registers are:

All KC recognised and registered sleddog breeds (i.e. Alaskan Malamute, Canadian Eskimo Dog, Greenland Dog, Samoyed and Siberian Husky) may compete in any ABSA standard class and most others.

Run by two Breed societies - The Siberian Husky Club of GB and The Siberian Husky Welfare Association. Purebred Siberians passing through these welfares are neutered and issued a Welfare Registration Number and are permitted to compete at  ABSA events in any standard class and most others. Each entry in the first season must be supported by a letter from the relevant Welfare Secretary confirming Welfare Registration Number, neutering, name and ownership.

The SDE Register has been run by Lynn Harrison  for many years and is strictly for individual purebred KC recognised sleddogs who, for one reason or another, do not have KC registration documents and, in the case of Siberian Huskies, have not passed through the above Breed Welfares. Each applicant is considered on its own merits and specific verification. It must be neutered as this Register is not intended to encourage the breeding of unregistered purebreds. Dogs on this Register may compete in any ABSA standard class and most others. Application is restricted to dogs owned by existing ABSA competitors ONLY.  The Register is closed August-April. 
Please Note: This Register is now permanently closed.

The NPSD Register is 'older' than most mushers in the UK and was first introduced by The Eskimo Dog Club of GB. When that Club ceased to hold working events many years ago, ABSA inherited the Register and it is now run by the ABSA Group (Registrar: Stuart Marle, tel: 01225 865216). The Register is for suitable individual dogs of non purebred-sleddog breeds (as defined by the KC) and not for those purpose bred/owned for sledwork. Each applicant is considered on its own merits. Most dogs holding a registration number are KC registered and are the odd dog owned by purebred-sleddog mushers. Those dogs that are not KC registered, including the occasional crossbred, must be neutered as this Register is not intended to encourage their breeding. Dogs on this register are confined to ABSA -O sectioned classes, but may freely compete/attend at social events/classes.  The Register is closed August-April.

NB For its final Season ABSA will be trialling 'open' classes for other breeds/crosses at some of its events.  Strict entry criteria will apply , based on "Fit for Function."

GANGLINE - The Newsletter of ABSA
Gangline was a yearly publication sent out each year to all the previous ABSA Season's competitors. A roundup of that ABSA Season's events' results and containing articles of interest, Gangline was copyrighted and edited by ABSA Member Lynn Harrison. With a change in policy, Gangline ceased in 2001.

Press the Gangline button on the navigation bar above to read past articles, both technical and light reading, headed with respective year of publication in brackets. ABSA does not hold itself responsible for possible inaccuracies or errors contained in any of the articles, or necessarily associate itself with individual opinions expressed therein.

email us: Absauk@aol.com

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