Sled Dog Health Tests

Health tests explained Siberian Huskies are great sled dogs or pets, but require a certain level of special medical attention. Ensuring proper tests and maintenance of health of your puppy will ensure long term health of your dog and your bank account. Consider the following health tests: Hip Scoring

ABSA’s Annual Gangline

ABSA’s yearly publication, Gangline is a publication that is sent to all previous competitors. The publication includes ample information of the past year’s events including dates, locations, details and results. The publication highlights the successes and scores of members at each of their events and provides the recognition that

Sled Dog Breeds

Siberian Husky The Siberian Husky is a medium sized dog that has historically been known to be a working dog. The breed originated in North Eastern Siberia and belongs to the Spitz genes. The dogs were used initially as sled dogs, especially in the Alaskan gold rush. The dog’s

History of Dogsledding

Dog sledding is a sport that dates as far back as 400 years. The sport was not originally considered a sport, but rather dog sleds and sled dogs were relied upon as a means of transportation, protection, companionship, hunting and trapping. Dogs and dog sleds make exploration of the

Sled Dog Nutrition

Sled dogs are often mistaken for poorly treated and over worked when in reality, it is the opposite. Racing and sled dogs are some of the best cared for animals worldwide. The dogs are athletic and their performance is based on their stamina and athleticism which means, like any

Sled Dog Training

Sled dogs have incredible instincts, natural strength and talent but training plays a huge role in the success and performance of these dogs. Training is not something that happens over night, but rather requires patience, time and commitment. One difficulty faced by many enthusiasts, mushers and owners in Great

About Dog Sledding

Dog sledding in the traditional sense of the sport was a lot simpler, dogs were often attached and tied with rope or rope like material, and the sleds were made of wood and simply designed to accommodate the necessary cargo and one or sometimes two people. The sleds were

ABSA Registers and Dogs

ABSA prides itself on maintaining the highest quality of standard and as such restricts entry to its events. ABSA keeps a register of approved dogs, which include the following: (UK) KENNEL CLUB ABSA will allow all KC registered sled dog breeds, including Alaskan Malamutem, Canadian Eskimo Dog, Greenland Dog,